JASTO Inaugural Concert

The inaugural performance of JASTO – the Jersey Academy Student-Teacher Orchestra – held at Les Quennevais School on 19th February, was a rip-roaring success.  Students had begun working on the music as early as September, but with only sporadic rehearsals they pulled everything together incredibly well in the few days preceding the concert.

Repertoire included Crown Imperial, themes from Star Wars and Pirates of the Carribean, a selection from Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker and a cracking arrangement of Toto’s Africa featuring our vocal group, as well as a new composition by Derek Lawrence featuring four flute soloists.  Lizzie Lincoln wowed the audience with her rendition of Skyfall, part of a James Bond medley, and in a bit of a twist, student Daniela Esteves took to the podium to make her conducting debut for the encore.

The audience clearly enjoyed the entire event, and the review in the JEP was great.  We would like to thank all of the students, staff, parents and friends of the Academy who contributed to an amazing first concert – and we hope you’ll join us again next year!