Piano Extravaganza! 2023

After all of the orchestral excitement, it was time for our numerous piano students to have the opportunity to come together for an afternoon of exploration and community-building. On Saturday 19th March, the piano team hosted “Piano Extravaganza!”.  Students were split into small groups based on age and level, and were able to explore:

Effective Practice Techniques – with Krystian

Accompaniment Skills – with Grace

The Nature of Performance – with Richard

Improvisation – with Anthony

Ensemble Playing in Duets and Trios – with Steph and Eva

Throughout the day, students also had the opportunity to get to know each other better – something that we at JAM consider important especially since our piano students have fewer opportunities to join small ensembles than those who play orchestral instruments.  It was great to watch them form and strengthen friendships, and to see some of the seniors even practising their duets during their breaks!