JASTO Junior – new orchestra formed!

Our newly founded junior orchestra held their first concert on Saturday 4th February downstairs at Chateau Vermont.  These instrumentalists, some as young as 7 years old, really did themselves proud and pulled off a varied and challenging programme with only a few rehearsals.  We have been really impressed not only with their playing, but with the focus and attitude of these young students who have behaved impeccably during rehearsals.

During the concert, the students themselves introduced their instruments and the pieces they were playing, as well as demonstrating the complexities of counting in 6/8.  The hall was absolutely packed to capacity, and everyone had a great time.

JAM would like to thank Magic Touch for their kind donation of the uniforms, and to our team of senior student mentors for supporting the younger students.

Photos below are from the dress rehearsal and concert, for which we were also joined by some dancers from JLPA.