Bodhrán Irish Drum Workshop

Saturday 11th May 2019


This term, we have a virtuoso Bodhrán Irish Drum specialist over to the island, organised by our percussion teacher Eva Hsieh.  His name is Ruairi Glasheen, and he is a world leader on folk drumming, specialising in delivering engaging and entertaining workshops for children and young musicians.  Click on this link for info –

He is travelling to the island equipped with massive bags full of Bodhrán Irish drums (!), and so in the workshops all the participants will get a real hands-on experience of this fascinating style of folk playing.  We will be dividing the applicants into three groups based on age (from school year 5 upwards), with sessions taking place at 2pm, 3pm, and 4pm on Sat 11th May.  The cost of the one-hour workshop is £10 per person, and parents are welcome to participate too!

Click here for the poster/flyer:  Bodhrán Irish Drum Workshop