Jersey International Masterclasses

30th July – 7th August 2017

Jersey International Masterclasses will run again this summer, involving many visiting and local music college students, and working closely with Royal College of Music.  Our goal is to provide world class education to students who want to learn from internationally acclaimed musicians and pedagogues. Our distinguished professors are experts in developing to the full the talent of modern-day, award-winning performers.

The Masterclasses take place in Jersey, away from the pressures of the outside world, students are able to learn and work in a relaxed, stimulating and contemplative environment. The classes are housed in the beautiful Jersey Academy of Music, Chateau Vermont – one of Jersey’s finest properties. Here students will receive inspiration, opportunities to learn, interact with other musicians, and perform. We aim to provide guidance in every aspect of concert and artistic life.

Professors / Staff

Jonathan Barritt – Viola (UK)

Leonid Gorokhov – Cello (Germany/UK)

Viktoria Grigoreva – Violin (Ukraine/UK)

Grace Macdonald – Saxophone (UK)

Leonid Margarius – Piano (Ukraine/Italy)

Mark Messenger – Violin (UK)

Maria Tarasewicz – Piano (Ukraine/Belgium)