Jun 2015 – Suzuki Day

20th June 2015


The academy’s annual Suzuki Day was once again very well attented, with over thirty-five of the youngest children participating with violin and cello along with a team of local academy tutors and visiting teachers.  This year we were pleased to welcome back Sue Horridge (violin), Richard Boardman (cello) and Jo Mahler (violin) from the UK, joined by Sarah Van Vlyman (violin) from Guernsey, who all taught alongside academy tutors Vanessa Moore (violin and course co-ordinator), and Emmanuelle Dumas (cello).


Suzuki Day violin ensemble


The day began with the violin group rehearsing together a folk tune called Mayo Morris, which the children had learnt in the weeks leading up to the course.  The children were then divided into four different colour groups in order to participate in four separate activities during the day.  As well as individual lessons with the specialist teachers, Jo Mahler led ‘Music Mind Games’ with children creating a giant musical snake, and Richard Boardman led ‘Dalcroze’, with a range of movement, singing, and storytelling games.


Suzuki Day concert


We enjoyed glorious sunshine throughout the day, and at breaks and lunchtime the children could enjoy a run around on the lawns.  The final concert also took place ‘al-fresco’ on the open-air stage, and was a fun end to a wonderful day of music.