October 2011 – CTV Mozart Manuscript Recording

CTV Mozart Manuscript Recording

October 31st 2011

Channel Television got in touch with the academy in relation to the sale of a rare Mozart manuscript through Stanley Gibbons.

The 238-year-old score was part of the ‘Serenade in D major’, believed to have been composed in 1773 for the graduation of a family friend. The seven-movement work was most likely written by Mozart between July and August 1773 whilst visiting Vienna with his father. It was originally bound with another piece of music but when they were sold in 1975 they were separated and the other has not been seen since.

Mozart Manuscript

Students from the academy had the opportunity to go and see the manuscript at the Stanley Gibbons offices, a remarkable opportunity to actually hold something which came from Mozart’s own pen.

That evening an ensemble of academy students gathered together to rehearse and perform the extract itself. Channel Television attended to film the performance, and a great experience was had by all.