Ackworth School will be staying with us 12th-16th July. They are performing several concerts around Jersey, which will feature a number of their ensembles.

The Ackworth School Senior Choir, led by Oliver McCarthy-Bell, is non-auditioned and consists of students from 11-18 years of age. Priding itself on its diverse range of repertoire, to appeal to a wide-ranging audience, the choir performs music from pop, musical theatre, film, and contemporary classics. With members exceeding 30, the choir consists of about 10% of the full Senior school population! This year, the choir was able to take advantage of the lift in Covid restrictions in the UK with performances at the Rothwell Music Festival, where we won our competition category, and a lunchtime at Wakefield Cathedral, which was enthusiastically received.

The Chamber Choir is a more selective group, made up of some of the older students in the main Senior Choir. Led by Eleanor Younger, the group performs both a capella and accompanied songs, with full 4 part (sometimes more!) harmonies. The choir enjoys performing SATB arrangements of both popular and classical music.

Ackworth String Ensemble is led by Head of Strings, Rae Strong. Comprising of both students and staff, the ensemble both nurtures younger members and allows its older members to demonstrate their skill in playing. The group enjoy playing  Although repertoire mainly focuses on classical music and folk, the group have been known to occasionally classical music and folk music, which you can expect to hear in our programme whilst here in Jersey!