Over the past two weeks, we have held three workshops for our students where they had the opportunity to learn about how film music is made, from script to screen, including some of Pixar’s story-writing secrets!  Charles Mauleverer began the workshop by showing students some film clips and discussing what makes a great soundtrack. The students then split into teams and worked together to create their own soundtrack to a short Pixar film, using their own instruments, voices, percussion and any other items found lying around! At the end of the day, the teams came back together to share their creations. Each student received a copy of the movie enhanced with their own soundtrack.

Charles Mauleverer

Jersey composer Charles Mauleverer
r studied at Oxford University before winning a scholarship to study for his masters in composition and film composition at the Royal College of Music, with an Erasmus placement at the German Hochfilmschule in Berlin

Alongside writing symphonies and music for chamber groups, Charles writes film and pop music, has worked as an assistant composer on a number of film and television programmes for the BBC, Sky, HBO and other Hollywood projects.